Boston Trip

My wife had a business related trip in Boston from June 7th through the 12th. I was allowed to tag along. I had a full day to myself on Wednesday so I took my camera and just walked around. Boston is such a great place. I have never been and now I want to go back and visit. I wouldn't want to live there but it's really a super place to visit. Many things to do and see. So much history there. Very different from what I'm use to here in Oklahoma. I really didn't spend a lot of time on stopping and planning my shots. I was just in awe of the place. I was just taking snap shots of this and that. Things that caught my eye. I did spend more time on the Boston Common Park shots and the Night shots but the rest were just snap shots. Once I got home and started editing them, that's where I added the enhancements.

We had a great time but were ready to come back home to the family. Enjoy the photos. Here's a link to the photos: