Jim Felder Gets Published in Quail Living Magazine!

I submitted some images of mine to Hibu for some local magazines. Quail Living Magazine has featured an image on the cover as well as a page on the inside. There are also a couple other places in the magazine that they have place my image. I was very excited to see my image on the cover when I pulled it out of my mailbox. At first I thought it looked familiar then I realized it was my image. I was so excited. We were on our way to the Zoo with the kids and there was one of my own Zoo images of an orangoutang from the Oklahoma City Zoo.

They did a great job featuring my images. What an ego boost. No it's not a big-name magazine but I don't care. People will still see it.

Robert Trawick wrote my Bio. I've been using it everywhere.

The only issue was they misspelled my name on the full page Snap Shot.

Thanks Hibu!