Mimic other Photographers

Become a Better Musician/Photographer

I was watching this video and while listening to what he was saying, I began to think about Photography and how, what he was saying could also apply to Photography. It was pretty interesting to me. Being influenced by other musicians/photographers. Being influenced by other work/music. Being influenced by certain riffs/techniques. Mimicking other styles of music/photographers helps you learn by figuring out how they created the sound, riff/image or look. Modifying your instrument, changing equipment, adding equipment because you can't get the sound you want, so you go buy more equipment or gear. Stop doing that and just get to work and pound the instrument or take lots of photos. Use whatever camera you have and learn that camera and hone your skill. Something is not right so you look for something else as the answer. The real thing is right here in your hands/minds.