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I arrived at the home to photograph the exterior…

I arrived at the home to photograph the exterior…

I wanted the exterior and indoor lights on. I went to the door to ask the owners if they could turn on the lights. As he opens the door, I say, “hello I’m Jim Felder the photographer…”. As he steps out I realize I know this guy! An old friend I had not seen in years. We both smiled from ear to ear. I was surprised and laughing because I was there to photograph his home for the cover of a magazine. He welcomed me in. I immediately remembered the inside of the home. Still giggling with disbelief. I couldn’t stay to chat so I went outside and did my job.

This was not the first time I’d seen old faces while photographing a home. I’ve also photographed a home just a few houses from one of the homes I grew up in. I guess when you shoot a lot, you’re bound to encounter old friends and old memories.

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FotoFacts Podcast Photowalk - Stage Center Oklahoma City


The FotoFacts Podcast (yours truly and Robert Trawick) hosted a Photowalk in Downtown OKC. Robert had the great idea to get capture some photos of the "soon-to-be-demolished" Stage Center building. It is/was located in Oklahoma City on approximately 2.7 acres on Sheridan Avenue between Hudson Avenue and Walker Avenue. There were a lot of homeless folks down there. One guy wanted me and another photographer to take his picture. So we did. We put out an invite on our Facebook Fan page and we had 6 other male photographers show up. These guys are pretty regular attendees when we host any kind of photowalk. Thanks Guys! It was a great time to be had. You missed out!

I will be posting to our FotoFacts blog after posting this on MY website. So you'll have to go listen to the live episode we did at James McNellies. We went there for lunch after the walk and talked shop for a while. I recorded the episode with my iPad 2, the BossJock App and my Samson Meteor Mic.

Head to the Facebook Event Page to see the photos from the photographers that attended and shared their images. Head to the FotoFacts Podcast episode 35 to listen to our craziness at lunch and to also get links to the images that were shared.