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Holiday Pet Portraits In December

Come see us at Mann's Best Friend on December 3rd and December 17th. Bring those furry friends and we'll take their portrait and print a 5x7 for you to take home with you. Give us your name and email and we will send you a link to the photos after the event.

We have a blast getting to meet all the different breeds of dogs and whatever else shows up.



Full Double Rainbow

Jim Felder Photography & Design: For Purchase &emdash; Double Rainbow - Bethany Oklahoma

I was headed east on NW 36th Street in Bethany, Oklahoma. I was passing by the Eldon Lyon Park. My son and I were in awe of this incredible sight. My son said, if you want to stop and get some photos feel free. I was taking him to a local concert in The Paseo district. I had forgotten my iPhone at the house but I just happened to have my gear in the car from photographing homes. I had my favorite wide-angle lens on, Nikon 14-24mm, so I pull into the park and just stopped jumped out with the camera. It was sprinkling a bit but that didn't stop me. Went to shoot, no card in the camera. I run back to the car and put in a card. Wiped off the lens and started shooting. I shot 20 images.

I thought I should bracket in hopes to maybe to HDR. I had it in Auto-Bracket mode already from photographing homes. So I posted my first "Edit" on Facebook in a hurry so I didn't really spend much time on it because I was so excited to share it. The next day I decided to visit the image again. The first image was just from the RAW file. This second edit was actually from 3 exposures using Lightroom 6's new HDR feature. 

Above is the final image. The image really does not capture the gigantic aspect of this Rainbow. It was very high up in the sky and looked to be very close. My wide-angle lens captured all of it but forced it all into one small frame. I have posted it to my gallery on Zenfolio to share and also offer it up for purchase. I had some great feedback on Facebook so I thought some might want to purchase a print.

So, next time you see an incredible or even great looking scene or event, don't be like me most of the time and say, man I need to get a photo of that, and then keep driving. Was so glad I stopped. No it's not a masterpiece of art but I captured it. 


FotoFacts Podcast Photowalk - Stage Center Oklahoma City


The FotoFacts Podcast (yours truly and Robert Trawick) hosted a Photowalk in Downtown OKC. Robert had the great idea to get capture some photos of the "soon-to-be-demolished" Stage Center building. It is/was located in Oklahoma City on approximately 2.7 acres on Sheridan Avenue between Hudson Avenue and Walker Avenue. There were a lot of homeless folks down there. One guy wanted me and another photographer to take his picture. So we did. We put out an invite on our Facebook Fan page and we had 6 other male photographers show up. These guys are pretty regular attendees when we host any kind of photowalk. Thanks Guys! It was a great time to be had. You missed out!

I will be posting to our FotoFacts blog after posting this on MY website. So you'll have to go listen to the live episode we did at James McNellies. We went there for lunch after the walk and talked shop for a while. I recorded the episode with my iPad 2, the BossJock App and my Samson Meteor Mic.

Head to the Facebook Event Page to see the photos from the photographers that attended and shared their images. Head to the FotoFacts Podcast episode 35 to listen to our craziness at lunch and to also get links to the images that were shared.

February Photo Outing

A couple friends of mine (Robert Trawick and Justin Knight) and myself went out to take photographs around the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. On the way there we saw this great looking building. We had never seen it before. Probably because we had never been in this area before. It is the old Jewel Theatre building. It is abandoned and looks really great for photos. All three of us took several photos there. We left there and went to my (Jim's) place and recorded Episode 19 of the FotoFacts Podcast that Robert and I record every week...well we try to at least.

Then we headed to the capitol building. It was wending and cold that day but we were having too much fun to let it stop us from doing what we were really enjoying.