Video of me setting up my New SpeedBox A-100 in my Home Studio

I’m writing this post on Thanksgiving day and I should be getting ready to go to my mom’s house for the family gathering. But I’m waiting for clothes to dry in the dryer.

I wanted a larger softbox. Since I love the XPPhotoGear Speedbox Diffusers, I went with the SpeedBox Diffuser A-100. It’s just like the smaller versions of the SpeedBox. I have a SpeedBox Diffuser 70 and the SpeedBox Diffuser 47

I purchased the A-100 from Bedford Camera & Video in Oklahoma City. Thank you Jeff Moore! 

In this video I open the box and start setting up the Diffuser. I used my iPhone 6s and a light stand. I mounted the iPhone to a Articulating Magic Arm+Large Super Clamp that was mounted to the light stand. I was using a selfie stick clamp for the iPhone. I also used an app called AirBeam both on iPhone and on the iPad. I was using the app on the iPad to monitor the video on the iPhone. I wanted to make sure everything was in the frame. The last video I created, I used the self facing camera which is a lower resolution result. So I used the front camera to get the higher resolution.

Why did I feel the need to tell you how I created this video? Heck I don’t know. Maybe so I could have more copy in the blog post? Sure. 

So let me know in the comments of this blog post or on the social media site this shows up on. Let me know first what you think about the video…be nice. Also if you have any questions.

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