New Embroidered Business Shirts for Jim Felder

LurePromo came by today and dropped off my 3 embroidered shirts that I ordered with my logo on them. They look really good. The quality of stitching is great.

Doug McClure is the owner of LurePromo. We are both members of the NWOKC Chamber of Commerce and also members of one of the Chamber's referral groups. LurePromo offers lots of promotional items and can print on just about anything you can think of for promoting your business. LurePromo offers corporate apparel and even golf tournament services.

I've told Doug for a few months that I was going to order some shirts from him. I finally did and they look great. I wanted to have a few shirts to wear when I'm out and about or with a client. 

If you need anything as a giveaway for a trade show, client gifts, employee gifts or whatever, consider giving Doug McClure a call at 405-664-3415 or send him a message from his website here Contact Doug McClure.

Jim Felder gets some new shirts embroidered by @LurePromo!

Become a Better Musician/Photographer

I was watching this video and while listening to what he was saying, I began to think about Photography and how, what he was saying could also apply to Photography. It was pretty interesting to me. Being influenced by other musicians/photographers. Being influenced by other work/music. Being influenced by certain riffs/techniques. Mimicking other styles of music/photographers helps you learn by figuring out how they created the sound, riff/image or look. Modifying your instrument, changing equipment, adding equipment because you can't get the sound you want, so you go buy more equipment or gear. Stop doing that and just get to work and pound the instrument or take lots of photos. Use whatever camera you have and learn that camera and hone your skill. Something is not right so you look for something else as the answer. The real thing is right here in your hands/minds.

I arrived at the home to photograph the exterior…

I arrived at the home to photograph the exterior…

I wanted the exterior and indoor lights on. I went to the door to ask the owners if they could turn on the lights. As he opens the door, I say, “hello I’m Jim Felder the photographer…”. As he steps out I realize I know this guy! An old friend I had not seen in years. We both smiled from ear to ear. I was surprised and laughing because I was there to photograph his home for the cover of a magazine. He welcomed me in. I immediately remembered the inside of the home. Still giggling with disbelief. I couldn’t stay to chat so I went outside and did my job.

This was not the first time I’d seen old faces while photographing a home. I’ve also photographed a home just a few houses from one of the homes I grew up in. I guess when you shoot a lot, you’re bound to encounter old friends and old memories.

View the magazine below

Fall for Paws - Fall in love with a four-legged friend this fall!

Come visit me in Moore and I'll take your picture! I'll be at this event taking photos of your four-legged friends and you get a 5x7 print to take home for only $10.

September 12, 2015 • 10am - 3pm

RESCUES Brought to you by:
LowRider Dauchshund Rescue

  • FETCH Animal Rescue
  • Forever Yours
  • Heartland Lab Rescue
  • Love You Forever Pet Rescue
  • Oklahoma Westie Rescue
  • Orphaned Angels
  • Pit Bull Rescue
  • Safe Haven
  • Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue 


  • Pet Adoptions
  • Mexi Dogs Food Truck
  • Raffle Table with Lots of Great Gifts
  • A Grimes Studio w/Pet Drawings
  • Long Dog Gourmet Dog Treats by LowRider
  • Pet Photography
  • $30 Petlink Microchips
  • Low Cost Vaccinations
  • Bake Sale

Central Church of Christ
800 E Main Street
Moore, OK 73160

(Across the street from Moore high school) 


One Year with!

Well I guess LinkedIn says today marks my one year anniversary with It's been a great year. 

I wanted to create a post for this because I thought it was important to share. I wanted to thank all of my great agents. They are the reason I am able to pay my bills. I also want to thank Max Dugan for allowing me to be on the team of such talented photographers. Max is super to work with. He cares a lot about his photographers. He will let you know when you have included a trashcan or a toothbrush in your photos and he will also let you know, often, that you're doing a great job in more ways than one.

I'm excited to see what the next several years have in store for us.