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PawPrints Session
from 50.00

Session At-A-Glance:

  • 15 minute session
  • One pet only (one per each time slot)
  • Additional pets will be additional $25 each
  • One 8x10 Print with Logo
  • 5 small, digital images from the session with Jim Felder logo on them are included in the session (sized for screen viewing, not printable)
  • Additional Wall Art is available for purchase

Here are a few general requests for small digital image use from session:

  1. Please don’t enter them into any contests without checking with me first, some contests take away my copyright. (this includes using tags and hashtags that enter the photo into contests)
  2. Please don’t crop off the watermark logo. You can share these on social media if you wish, but please don’t crop them or alter them in any way.
  3. Please don’t use them for any business, sales or advertising purposes. (these usages require a licensing fee)
  4. These are not sized or intended for printing.
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