Getting Ready for Photography

Download a PDF of this Checklist

Thank you for using Jim Felder to photograph your home. First impressions are so important when attracting a buyer for your home, and professionally photographed images are without a doubt one of the best available means to market it for sale.

Below is a checklist and suggestions to help you have your home in picture ready condition. We will strive to photograph as much of both the interior and exterior as we can and from varying angles to capture as much of its personality as possible.

This is a general list, and not all items may apply in each home, but as much as you can do to help showcase your home will be appreciated.


  • All lights ON (even lamps) ... please check for burned out bulbs Blinds and Shutters slightly open

  • Fans OFF

  • TVs turned OFF

  • Computers OFF, Laptops closed, cords and cables neat (hidden if possible) Lamp shades straightened and dust free

  • Pictures on the walls straight (level)

  • Beds made

  • Waste baskets/trash cans hidden

  • Cell phone and tablet chargers put away Floors clear of clutter

  • Hide any valuables


  • All counter areas clear (hide toasters, blenders, detached microwaves if possible) Dishes, sponges, dish rags and hand towels put away, sinks clear

  • Paper napkins and paper towel rolls removed

  • Waste Basket hidden

  • Magnets and ‘artwork’ removed from refrigerator doors and sides


  • Mirrors clean and streak free

  • Vanity clear (tooth brushes, hair dryers, lotions, medications, personal items) Glass enclosed Showers and Tubs – remove all toiletries and cleaning products Toilets lids DOWN

  • Rugs and mats removed

  • Waste baskets remove

  • Potty training seats removed


  • All hoses and lawn equipment neat and put away Trash cans out of sight

  • School pride or other signage removed

  • Vehicles out of the driveway and away from the front of the house Lawn mowed and clippings/leaves swept away

  • Shrubbery in front of the house trimmed

  • House address numbers should be visible

  • Remove any empty flower pots


  • Pool should be cleaned (just prior to photography if possible) Pool cleaners/sweepers taken out of pool and put away

  • Pool brushes and nets out of sight

  • Trash cans out of sight

  • Patio furniture should be arranged and cushions in place Please have any water features on


  • This is a touchy one. We LOVE pets, and know you love them. BUT, sometimes folks oddly don’t want to think of buying a house that has had pets reside there even though they most likely have pets of their own. Not to mention, the pets do not go with the house! For that reason, it is best to remove all pet ‘stuff’.

  • Please let us know if a pet is home while we are there or better yet, have them safely crated or off premises.

  • Put away any food and water dishes, toys, beds, etc., both inside and outside Hide cat litter box and any scratching posts or towers


Seasonal decorations are fabulous and add great color and personality to any home. They also can ‘date’ the photographs and are best removed or not put out until after photographs have been taken. 

Download a PDF of this Checklist